How to fit rear window glass into a Land-cruiser fiberglass frame?

At Arthur’s Autoglass Morayfield, we field a considerable number of enquiries requesting tips and hints for people attempting to fit their own windscreens and rear window glass. The most commonly requested “tutorial” is in regards to…

How to fit rear window glass into a Landcruiser fiberglass frame?

As you will see here, Arthur himself, from Arthur’s Autoglass has put together a quick instructional video showing exactly how to do this yourself. This is a nice and easy video, perfect for the DIYer, on how to fit the rear glass into the fiberglass Landcruiser frame using the cord technique. This demo is specifically for this Landcruiser fiberglass frames supplied by FRP.

How to fit rear window glass into a Landcruiser fiberglass frame?

Transcript from Rear Windscreen Tutorial Video

“G’day. Today, we are going to demonstrate… because we get a lot of enquiries with people having troubles putting new windscreens into fiberglass frames made by fiberglass reinforced panels.

So what we are going to do is show you the easy way we’ve done over the years… hopefully it’ll be a huge help to you.

So right now Ben will be coming down and roping the glass. The rubber is already on the glass. It’s a new rubber, still got the old screen.

So Ben will now demonstrate the rope method or the positioning of the rope.

So what he usually does is he starts from the centre of the bottom. Works around, up the sides, over the top and stops halfway of the top and restarts the rope. The reason for this is that it gives you 2 starting points. And when you are roping your windscreen in, you’ll bring it in evenly.

The problem with the fiberglass frames is the fact that edge you tried to get the rope over is a lot thicker than a standard metal frame. And the other issue with them is once you have them bolted in the car they are fixed to the car, they are fixed to the car and have no flex.

What we suggest is on the first installation, always do it while the frame is out of the car. Now I’ll show you why… if you place it on the thing, you notice that it’s not quite up to it because there’s a lot of flex at the front.

Now, the reason that is, it’s just because of the manufacture, because you are pulling out of molds….”


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Rusty seals

This was caused by poor workmanship. The aperture was not treated correctly when the windscreen was last replaced, causing it to leak and rust.

Arthur’s Autoglass never compromise with our fitting. All apertures are body primed to prevent corrosion. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship with full confidence.


Avoid Fines – Windscreen Safety

Police are often on the lookout, targeting vehicles that may appear unroadworthy. Specially leading up to and including holiday seasons, something as small as a windscreen chip in the driver’s line of vision is enough to cop a fine.

It may seem harsh or over the top, however, Police recognise the significance of a compromised windscreen. Not only does a chipped windscreen reduce it strength if something hits it i.e. a bird or something falling from the vehicle in front you of you, it also severely reduces the structural integrity your vehicle. Did you know that your windscreen can influence up to 60% of the structural integrity of your vehicle? This is why the cops make such a big deal of it and why they issue fines.

Small windscreen chips, if fairly new and clean can often be repaired. Not only is this more affordable, it is a lot faster then a full windscreen replacement. If the damage to your windscreen is bigger, has significant dirt in the crack or chip or there is a crack close to the edge of your windscreen, a replacement windscreen may be required.

Great news though. Just call Arthur’s Autoglass as we offer a full mobile windscreen repair and replacement service or you can visit our Morayfield workshop. We stock a large selection of popular automotive glass and can also order in vintage and classic car windscreens, side windows and rear window glass upon request.Windscreen Safety


Silicone & windscreens don’t mix

Silicone is one of those handy products most handy people have lying around the house or in the shed. Every self respecting DIY-er owns Silicone! BUT, please let us assure you – Silicone and your windscreen are not meant to be together! Not if you don’t want this to happen.

This client’s windscreen was leaking and the he thought he would fix it himself with, yes, you guessed it – “with silicone”. The result = rust under the screen. Water leaked in and dust got trapped. This means that the future involved panel work, rust removal/conversion and a paint job. OH, and $$$.

This is why windscreens come with a specially designed rubber mold to seal out the water and dust – not silicone.

Call us – the experts.

Why Chipped & Cracked Windscreens can risk your life

Did you know that windscreens contribute up to 60% of the structural strength of your car?

There are several safety reasons why a crack free, quality windscreen is so vital. Chips and cracks can significantly compromise the strength of the glass as well as impact on the efficiency and safety of other parts of your vehicle.

  • Passenger airbags rely on the structural integrity of your windscreen for correct deployment.
  • Windscreens are designed to prevent passengers from being ejected from your vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • A damage-free, quality windscreen also provides strength to your vehicle in the event of a rollover or a font-on collision.

With this is mind, it is imperative to have broken or chipped windscreens repaired as soon as possible. It’s for the protection of you and your family. Repairs are often cheaper than you may think and it may even be covered by your insurance.

Because windscreens play such a pivital role in keeping you safe, this is why a chipped or cracked windscreen is considered a serious vehicle defect and why hefty fines and roadworthy penalties apply.

Don’t DIY a Chipped & Cracked Windscreen

Don’t risk your safety by attempting repairs yourself using products bought online. Leave it to a professional who will ensure your vehicle is returned to optimal structural strength and to remain complaint with the law and your Insurance Company.

Call in for a quote or inspection of broken or chipped windscreens now.

Your life could depend on it.


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